— What would you like to know about our ingredients?

— How do you choose ingredients?

Yellow Beauty products are natural, plant-based, and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. We carefully choose ingredients that are not only rated low-hazard by EWG's Skin Deep®, but that we feel good about using on our own skin every day.

— Wait! I thought that turmeric stains?

You’ve probably heard that turmeric stains. And yes, if you covered your face solely with turmeric from your pantry, it would! That’s why we formulate Yellow Beauty products with just the right amount of organic turmeric (no added dyes here) and combine it with complementary ingredients that work to give you a no-hassle rinse. If you do find you have any yellow left over post-rinse, simply follow up with a toner or gentle cleanser and it’ll slide right off.

Although Yellow Beauty products will never permanently stain your skin, some products can leave colour behind on fabrics. Remember to rinse thoroughly before drying and always use a dark towel just in case.

— Why are Red Erase and Glow Dust sold as a powder?

This not only allows for a much longer shelf life and less preservatives, but it also means that you have control over what liquid you use. Instead of water, try using rosewater, green tea, diluted apple cider vinegar, yogurt, or milk for added benefits.

— What would you like to know about shipping?

Do you offer carbon neutral shipping?

Yes! We offset carbon emissions from all shipments through Cloverly.

— Where does Yellow Beauty ship?

We ship throughout Canada and the United States. Please allow for 1-4 business days for us to fulfill your order. Your tracking number will update as soon as your order is sent out! We offer free shipping when you spend more than $65 USD.

— Why isn't my tracking updating?

Sometimes carriers take a couple of business days to update tracking information. If your tracking still isn’t updating, reach out to us at hello@yellowbeauty.com.

— Tracking says my package was delivered. Why can’t I find it?

Sometimes carriers can mark packages as delivered in advance— weird, we know. Keep an eye out for another day or two. If you still don’t receive your order, please reach out to us at hello@yellowbeauty.com.

Yellow Beauty is not responsible for lost or stolen packages if delivery was confirmed. The customer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to these items, or if your package gets redirected to us marked as unclaimed.

— What would you like to know about us?

— How does Yellow Beauty give back?

We are an official partner of Plan International Canada. Each year, we pledge to donate 10% of our profits to their Hatibandha Project in an effort to help end child marriage.

We also offset our carbon emissions from all shipments through our partnership with Cloverly. Cloverly matches your order to projects based on your shipping location. For example, if you live in California, your offsets may support an improved forest management project in California to keep the benefit local.

— How can I sell Yellow Beauty products in my retail store?

We'd love to work with you! Please email us at hello@yellowbeauty.com for pricing and more information.

Why was Yellow Beauty founded?

Like most great things, Yellow Beauty was born out of love. Partners-in-life Jaz and Jamil started Yellow Beauty based on Jamil's experience attending the Haloud ceremony in Bangladesh. It was there that he was introduced to the rich history of turmeric-based skincare through his family. Read more about our story here.

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