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Skin, meet turmeric

Inspired by South Asian traditions that naturally nourish skin in transparent and holistic ways, Yellow Beauty seeks to solve complicated problems with ingredients you can feel good about, while helping girls be girls.

A little bit about us

Partners in life and in business, Jaz and Jamil started Yellow Beauty back in December 2015. Raised in a Bengali family, Jamil was first exposed to turmeric-based skincare on a trip to Bangladesh. At a family wedding, he experienced the Holud (Haldi) ceremony, which was one of the highlights of his visit. Unfortunately, a sad truth was revealed: a third of the girls in his homeland are married before their 18th birthday — and his own grandmother was married at just 9 years old. Together, Jaz and Jamil formulated natural turmeric-based products that just work with the goal to empower girls and help end child marriage in the process.

How We Help

Questions for us?

We answer some questions here, but if you're still stumped, feel free to reach out to us. We're always around to help!