— Our roots run deep.

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hello there

Hi! We’re Yellow Beauty. A skincare collection based on a radical idea – that your beauty goals are yours to define. What’s our job, then? To help you get there. Kind to your skin. Kind to the planet. That’s why we formulate all of our products with powerful, natural ingredients (like turmeric!) inspired by the principles of Ayurveda. Knowledge is knowing they’ve worked in the past; wisdom is knowing they still do.

— Your beauty goals are yours to define.

Like most great things, Yellow Beauty was born out of love. Partners-in-life Jaz and Jamil started the company in December 2015 because of a trip to Bangladesh. It was there that Jamil attended a traditional Haloud (Haldi) ceremony and was introduced to the rich history of turmeric-based skincare. Knowing Jaz struggled with redness and breakouts herself, they decided to put what they learned into practice. Together, they made something worth sharing.

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— Like most great things, Yellow Beauty was born out of love.

Unfortunately, they also discovered that a third of the girls in Jamil's homeland are married before their 18th birthday. Yellow Beauty was founded on the singular goal of giving women choice. That’s why in addition to creating Ayurveda-based skincare alternatives, we also use a share of our profits to help bring an end to child marriage. Find out more here.

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