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Liquid Gold!

I am so happy with these products! I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to the elixir as I have pretty oily skin. It worked so well! Just balanced my skin so well. Both the mask and the scrub leave my skin feeling so smooth. The face wash is so gentle but enough to wipe clean and fresh. I will definitely be getting more of all of this! Great company, product and cause xx

Very smooth and cleansing

Got this for my GF along with the elixir. I don't normally use cleansers but she mentioned it's best to use this and then use the elixir oil. I've got very dry skin with lots of redness during the winter. It really scrubbed away my excess dry skin and got it very smooth fast! Product is very easy to use and seems it works well quick. I don't use much skincare but this stuff feels like it works and smells nice! Just wanted to say what a pleasant surprise!

Got rid of dry, flakey winter skin

Got this for my GF. I've been using this myself because of how nice it smelled on her. I get really dry skin that flakes and gets very red in the winter around my nose and under my eyebrows. Living in a condo it gets very dry. Literally within a couple of days of using this on my problems area, I've seen significant improvement. It's no longer red and my dry skin is better than its been in years. The irritation and burning from my skin being so dry is also gone. Just wanted to say how awesome this stuff is!

Face Wash

This is the best face wash that I have ever used. I leave it on for a couple of seconds to feel my skin glowing. It feels so fresh and clean afterwards.

So nourishing

This oil is just fabulous. I love having it as part of my nightly routine. The glow is so good, and the smell! Maybe my favorite part is the smell- it’s therapeutic! Sometimes I will use under make up and it never fails to provide radiance. I love that my purchase helps others too!

Stay Gold Face Elixir

Great Skin .....

I love the stay gold facial elixir!
My skin seems less dull and the texture is even...
I am more comfortable not wearing any makeup
I recommend it!
The red erase and glow dust masks are great!
After using each once every alternate day, my skin feels clearer and smooth
Thank you for the wonderful products.....


The best packaging, the best product. Couldn’t recommend more

The Best!!!!!

I have been using the elixir for a few months now and I actually switched from a facial oil that was over $80 for this one. It is the perfect amount of moisturizer at night and when I wake up in the morning, it is all soaked in. It helps calm acne, redness, and inflammation. It also smells amazingggg. I will definitely keep using it

Got rid of the tiny bumps on my face!

Very gentle and good for sensitive skin. Easy to use and effective :)

Visible Results After First Use

Immediate results in soothing red areas and felt a discernible difference in the smoothness of my skin. Will be buying again.

Turmeric Magic

I love all of the products that I try from Yellow Beauty! Not only can I tell they are thoughtfully produced with the best ingredients, it also feels great supporting an amazing cause #endchildmarriage. I look to follow the detox mask with the turmeric serum to leave a overall glow!

Love 💕 the products!

The face mask is amazing you can definitely get way more than 10 uses. The oil is amazing it last on your face the whole day without that heavy slick oil feeling. Glad I discovered this company!

Lovely face mask

I love this face scrub. Hint on how to take it to the next level. Add yogurt instead of water....complete game changer! And lot more benefits. Also, you get a lot more product then 10 uses. I use less than 1 spoon and can cover my whole face.


Such an amazing mask! and the oil, Waoh!!! my face truly glows after using this dynamic duo together <3

Perfect skin every time!

I’ve been using this mask for years and I rave about it to everyone I know!! The best compliment I’ve ever gotten, was to not use a filter because I’d look like a doll if I did! Well I took it as a compliment lol but I honestly want to stockpile this mask so I will have it forever!

Turmeric Skincare Set

Try it!

I got the turmeric skincare set. I was really after the elixir but also wanted to try the masks. As with any new skincare products, I was unsure if the hype was real. I love the stay good facial elixir! My skin seems less dull and the texture is more even. I am more comfortable not wearing foundation! I recommend it! The masks are great! After using each one, my skin feels clearer and smooth.


I absolutely LOVE this mask, it’s made such a difference with my skin!


Honestly I never put much faith in products geared towards skin care. Ive had bad acne for the past 10 years. I will say most of it has been small breakouts here and there due to medications and birth control. ALTHOUGH this product has helped with the redness I have had from years of breakouts, It has helped minimize the redness on recent breakouts and it leaves my skin feeling nourished. I use the scrub the face mask and the oils. I recommend this product to my friends and family because it doesn't make my skin worse or cause bad breakouts for me personally and it also helps with my oil production and minimizing my pores. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Review product instructions

I love love love this product, however I feel that It could be used more conservatively. One tbsp of powder actually lasted me THREE uses. The recommendation of 1 tbsp mask with 1.5 tsp liquid was not good for me. It was too thick. So I added water over and over again to stretch it out over 3 days. I think that 1 tbsp could be chanted to at least half that. Then the product could be used for more than 10 uses and be more cost effective and less wasteful.

Turmeric Skincare Set

Love ❤️ ❤️❤️

Love the mask and face oil! I can see that glow!

Loved it