Real Women, Real Stories: Issue 2
Getting to The Root

Real Women, Real Stories: Issue 2

Sonita Alizadeh, Divague Mag

In each Stories Issue, we collect stories from women around the world. These stories are authentic, raw, and unapologetic. They are emotional. They are stories not often told. We hope their stories of strength will spark necessary conversations about child marriage and, most importantly, change these practices for the betterment of women everywhere.


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"A good girl should be silent. A good girl should not talk about her future. A good girl should listen to her family even if they say you have to marry with him, or him, or him. So a good girl means you should be like a dog—everyone can play with you." 

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Married at 13 to a Man in his 70s

"It happened during Christmas break. My father told my school that I had died. Even if he hadn't, I would have been forced to leave when I got pregnant because that was the law at the time. My family received a bride price from my husband and then he took me away to become one of his wives. He beat me regularly, and so I fled back to my village. But my father and brother told me the price had been paid, this was no longer my home, I had to return."

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Too Young to Wed

"Several girls there had set themselves on fire. I didn't understand why they would do that. As a Westerner, as someone who just hadn't had anything personal in my life that was so bad that I would want to do that, and then I met this young girl, Marzia. She was 15 years old and turned out, she had been married at the age of nine. She had set herself on fire because she broke her husband's television set and obviously was so fearful of reaction by him or the family that she decided to set herself on fire, and really that's a suicide attempt."

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Child Marriage Still Happens in America

"I was being faced with being shunned by God and by my family, so I thought it was probably a good idea to accept this arrangement. When they give you two choices, and one has serious repercussions and the other one has praise, that's not actually a choice. I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea. In my journal, I wrote, This is me giving up on all of my dreams."

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