Real Women, Real Stories: Issue 4
Getting to The Root

Real Women, Real Stories: Issue 4


In each Stories Issue, we collect stories from women around the world. These stories are authentic, raw, and unapologetic. They are emotional. They are stories not often told. We hope their stories of strength will spark necessary conversations about child marriage and, most importantly, change these practices for the betterment of women everywhere.


This Is The Story of Nargis & Nayeem

"Although I knew of the consequences of an early marriage, I still ended up getting married at 14 because my parents are extremely poor. At the time of the wedding, I was very nervous. I didn’t know my husband – even now I don’t know his age. I think he’s around 25 and he works in sales. I didn't want to move into his house. I remember crying a lot. Everyone around me somehow convinced me though." 

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Escaping from North Korea in Search of Freedom

"I have to do this because this is not me speaking, this is the people who wanted to tell the world what they want to say. When I was 9 years old I saw my friend's mother publicly executed. Her crime was watching a Hollywood movie. When I was four years old, I was warned by my mother not to even whisper - the birds and the mice could hear me. I admit it: I thought the North Korean dictator could read my mind." 

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This Is The Story of Thandiwe & Anna

"I still don't feel ready to be a mother because I didn’t expect to have a child now. Before I was pregnant, I was in the sixth grade. I wanted to become a chef and work in town. Then I met a boy who was in the ninth grade. We didn’t have a relationship, we only met about five times – that’s all. I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. When my parents knew about it, they brought me to my husband's house and just left me. I didn’t want to go there but they forced me to marry him."

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Child Marriage-Free Zones in Bangladesh

"I had to marry my cousin. My grandmother has taken care of me since I was young, so I felt I had to please her. I am not happy. I now have a 6-month old daughter. I had a dream of studying to become a teacher. I would have liked that."

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