How can I clear up acne (fast)?
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How can I clear up acne (fast)?

Before we get into the “checklist”, let’s just kick this conversation off with the fact that acne is normal. Like very normal. We’re all very likely to go through it at some point in our life. Acne is a part of your skincare journey and any healing/progress starts with acceptance.

To answer the question "how do I get rid of acne fast?", let’s break down the key steps in your skincare routine that help effectively fight that pesky acne.

Deep cleaning of the skin

  • Acne prone skin needs regular gentle cleansing. Using harsh products can further harm your dermis. Make sure that the cleansers you're using don't contain corrosive acids and oils, or ethyl alcohol.
  • For deep cleansing of the skin, use a gentle cleansing mask 1-2 times a week. It’s ideal if the product has a calming effect and has ingredients that add extra hydration rather than drying out your skin. A product that ticks all those boxes is our Glow Dust Facial Mask — try it out and experience gentle renewal and detoxification.

A targeted solution for acne is using corrective skincare products — but make sure you use them in the right order so they are as effective as possible.

These skincare products usually contain keratolytic ingredients that effectively inhibit bacterial activity and smoothen your skin's surface.

How to safely treat your breakouts in a pinch

Can I remove a pimple in an hour?

Let's be realistic. You won't be able to completely get rid of acne in 60 minutes. But hey — you can work to lessen swelling and noticeably reduce redness.

  • Using ice cubes: Ice isn’t a cosmetic product (surprise!), but it’s a great way to reduce swelling. Try wrapping a couple of ice cubes in a napkin or a thin towel and apply them to the affected area for 30-60 seconds. This will work to cool down and calm your skin, slowing down blood flow and visually reducing the size of the swelling. Our favourite hack is putting a jade roller in the fridge — using a cold facial tool on your skin can also help reduce inflammation (not to mention it feels amazing).

How can I remove a pimple from my face overnight?

If you have more than 1 hour, then you have a real chance to treat an inflamed pimple. During sleep, skin regeneration occurs much faster than during the day. So if you use the right methods, the inflammation around the pimple will be significantly reduced, as will the size of the pimple itself.

  • Pure tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is often used in home care because it’s an amazing antiseptic while strong bactericidal properties. However, tea tree oil is quite strong and can be dangerous in its pure, undiluted form. We highly recommend giving our Stay Gold Facial Elixir a try for a safe, hydrating and nourishing combination of 100% natural oils (turmeric oil, frankincense, lavender, pomegranate and more!).

  • Aspirin: A regular aspirin pill can be a great and quick remedy for acne. Grind 1 tablet to a powder state, mix the powder with pure water, and gently apply the resulting mixture on pimples. Leave it overnight without rinsing.

  • Benzoyl peroxide: Once applied to an affected area, peroxide works to kill acne-causing bacteria. To avoid irritation on the skin, choose a 2.5% composition.

Acne prevention: what routine to follow


  • Follow the steps of a gentle skincare routine: cleanse the skin twice a day with a delicate face wash, apply an exfoliating mask 1-2 times a week (take a look at our Red Erase Facial Scrub for gentle but effective exfoliation!) and deeply cleanse the skin with clay-based masks.
  • Choose products with a pH level that mimics our skin's ideal levels (5.5). Check out our gentle and hydrating cleanser that works to maintain your skin’s fragile pH balance. Eliminate harsh (alkaline) products from your daily routine.
  • Eat well: enrich the diet with vitamins A, B, C, fatty acids, antioxidants, beta-keratin, fiber, and zinc.


  • Don’t forget about regular hydration! Dehydrated skin often produces excess sebum in an effort to balance itself. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to maintain the water-mineral balance of the body.
  • Never squeeze your pimples. This does far more damage than good — popping a breakout injures the skin around it which provokes more inflammatory processes, and often leaves a stagnant spot or a scar.
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen daily to avoid additional damage and dry skin after exposure to UV light.
  • Avoid touching your face too often with your hands — this provokes increased production of sebum, resulting in clogged pores.

If your skin isn’t responding to these solutions, we suggest consulting with a dermatologist. Sometimes more powerful treatments are needed to treat acne, such as antibiotics or oral contraceptives.

If you have any questions about our turmeric-powered skincare, give us a shout via the live chat and we’ll help you to choose the right product for you!



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