Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinx beauty entrepreneurs you should know about
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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinx beauty entrepreneurs you should know about

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize the cultures and contributions of North Americans who have roots in Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain, and Central and South America. We thought we’d stick to our area of expertise and celebrate by spotlighting Latinx entrepreneurs who share our love of natural and wholesome products. These founders are making the industry more inclusive, and we’re thrilled to be in the space with them.

Leah Guerrero

Leah Guerrero, an Ecuadorian-American esthetician and entrepreneur, started Brujita Skincare in 2017. The inspiration for her holistic products came from her many visits to the mercados (markets) of Mexico City. The LA-based brand uses raw, sustainable, and organic ingredients from Mexico and the U.S. Brujita means “little witch” in Spanish. But, don't worry— these concoctions are meant to help not harm.

Rafaela Gonzales

This Dominican-American founder created Gloryscent to help people of all skin tones achieve radiant skin. It all started when Rafaela decided to embrace her afro-textured hair, fighting back against the ideology she’d been raised with: that light skin and silky hair were the beauty standard. To embrace her natural beauty, she cut off her treated hair and started looking for gentle products to use going forward. She wasn’t pleased with the options and started whipping up her own products. Soon, she discovered a love of all things organic and decided to share it with others. Her products are for those who crave chemical-free luxury.

Tata Harper

For skincare enthusiasts, Tata Harper is a household name. The Colombian-American’s eponymous brand is based in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. After her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, Tata made the change to an all-natural lifestyle. Soon after, she decided to create a skincare brand free from all chemicals and synthetics. Tata’s Colombian roots guided her vision. Her love of beauty products can be traced back to her childhood in Barranquilla, where she often helped her grandmother prepare scrubs and masks using simple ingredients. After four years of hard work, she developed an exceptional brand, with products that are natural and fun to use.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, join us in celebrating these Latinx founders and their unique visions. Like us, they have a passion for chemical-free products rooted in a rich history.  They’ve tapped into their cultures and experiences to create unique skincare solutions.

At Yellow Beauty, we’re here to help you glow. Our natural skincare products— from cleansers to face masks— are designed to be kind to your skin and to the planet. We use wholesome ingredients that have been in style for centuries.

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