March Donation: Helping Young Ugandan Girls Delay Marriage
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March Donation: Helping Young Ugandan Girls Delay Marriage

We’ve been overwhelmed with the support we’ve gotten from all you beautiful people out there and have had so much fun fulfilling all your orders! We’re extremely proud and excited to announce that we’ve officially donated to our first project - which has almost reached it’s funding goal.

In Uganda, girls are often married by the age of 15 because families receive gifts, money, and land in exchange for their daughter’s hand. Being married at a young age severely limits girls’ opportunities for education, can lead to dangerous issues such as child pregnancy, domestic violence, and health complications - and, ultimately, ends their childhood. These factors can also perpetuate poverty as it lessens the economic earning power of the family when a girl is married early and has to tend to a family.

The project we chose pledges to help young girls in Uganda delay marriage by staying in school. Our donation will help girls receive scholastic materials and sanitary napkins that will help them remain in school. Also, each family with a vulnerable girl that has the potential to be married to early will be provided with a goat for income generation.

We hope that by funding projects such as these, the long term implications of our support can result in educating families about the adverse effects of child marriage. Laws and policies will be put in place by the governing bodies and girls will be empowered with education, entrepreneurial incentives, and knowledge of how child marriage can limit their potential in life.

This project will help at least 3000 Ugandan girls - if you have the means, we urge you to help the project reach it’s funding goal as it is only 700 £ (1000 USD) away from fully being funded.

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