Should I pop my pimple?
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Should I pop my pimple?

Have you ever popped a pimple? It’s safe to say we’ve all done it. We all know the feeling — an unexpected pimple pops, making us try anything we can to make it disappear. Even if it feels like you’re helping, popping a pimple does more harm than good. The infection doesn’t go away; instead it travels deeper into your skin, creating even more inflammation than before. Bacteria can also move to other parts of your skin, meaning you’re dealing with even more breakouts than you started with!

If you touch your face a lot, similar effects can happen. We know it’s tough to resist the temptation to pop that pimple or blackhead, but try your hardest not to! Ultimately, it’s better to wait it out — and your skin will be better off because of it.

Why pimples shouldn’t be squeezed

Squeezing pimples directly injures your skin, meaning microorganisms that are normally harmless to intact skin can travel into the wound from dirty hands. Also, because of our face’s large vascular network, after you squeeze a pimple, you can actually develop a breakout in a completely different area! Later, at the site of the pop, purple-cyanotic spots or scars appear, which aggravates your skin even more.

Is it okay to squeeze pimples? Dermatologists strongly advise against it.

What do I do if I can’t pop them? 

You’ve heard it before: leave your breakouts alone. Ultimately, the less dirt and random bacteria you put on your skin, the better it can naturally cleanse itself. It’s important to remember: wherever a pimple appears, don’t try to fight what your body is telling you. Simply continue using natural, trusted products that work to support your skin’s natural functions.



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