What is a good skin care routine for me if I live in Toronto?
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What is a good skin care routine for me if I live in Toronto?

The climate here in Toronto is unique — here's how it can affect your skin

If you live in Toronto, it’s quite likely that for most of the year you’re struggling with dry skin. You know the feeling when your skin feels tightened after cleansing, your moisturizer doesn’t keep your face hydrated throughout the day, and by the evening the skin is even drier than before? And if your skin type is prone to oiliness, then your T-zone becomes more shiny throughout the day? The reason could be pretty simple: Toronto's climate tends to be much drier than many other regions.

It’s also important to note that the water in Toronto is harder than other cities, which means it's even more important to deeply hydrate and balance your skin. Read on to get a better understanding of the ‘why’ with our suggested routine guide.

How and why?

Dry air is especially harmful as it draws moisture from your skin. This means more visible signs of dryness, the appearance of small cracks (especially your hands and face), and increased redness. With constant exposure, dry air leads to increased susceptibility to all "contact" infections, local skin inflammation, small wounds, and early aging of the skin.

Easy ways to prevent dryness and get that balance back: 

Following these simple rules will help you and your skin feel much more balanced and comfortable!

  • Drink more water 
    This is one of the most obvious and crucial pieces of advice for your overall skin, hair, nails and health—but it’s pretty common to overlook it from time to time! Start by observing your drinking habits for several days. You'll probably notice you're not getting enough H2O. Get in the habit of bringing a reusable water bottle with you every where you go. You should be drinking at least 2-3 liters of water a day — not only will your overall health improve, but your skin will say “thank you” by being glowy AF!

  • Invest in a humidifier 
    A device that helps to maintain an optimal level of humidity for our skin to thrive? Sweet! If your skin tends to lose moisture, the mucous membranes also dry out, resulting in a feeling of "clogging" in the eyes, excess dryness in the mouth, and cracked lips. A simple solution is to bring a humidifier into your home.

  • Use a nourishing face oil 
    Trust us when we say face oils don't have to be sticky or messy. Natural face oils like our Stay Gold Facial Elixir don’t coat your face with a thick film; instead the luscious oils are easily absorbed and don't leave any greasy residue behind. Apply a few drops as a final step before makeup to lock in moisture throughout your day or use it before going to bed for a hydrated sleep. Find what works best for you!

  • Include masks in your skincare lineup 
    Using hydrating masks, like Glow Dust, 2-3 times a week that deeply enrich and enhance the skin’s glow is key! It’s not a superficial fix — these natural ingredients are working wonders in balancing your skin's health. Put on our top routine tunes, and apply some much needed skin food, and take a moment to relax.

  • Choose your cleansers wisely 
    We’ll be honest — most cleansers include ingredients that don’t work best for dry skin. In fact, many ingredients dry out your skin even more by stripping your natural oils. When your skin is dehydrated, it’s also much more likely to breakout. Always choose a cleanser with a focus on natural ingredients like our widely loved all-natural turmeric-powered Golden Hour Face Wash. This water-based cleanser contains impeccable ingredients that work to balance out and hydrate your skin — a perfect choice for this dry Toronto climate.

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