We Need Your Help This Black Friday
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We Need Your Help This Black Friday

Since we created Yellow Beauty, we’ve been on a mission: helping to end child marriage in Bangladesh. The country is home to around 38 million child brides, and has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. The practice can lead to a range of harmful consequences, including health complications during pregnancy and limited educational opportunities.

To do our part in ending this heartbreaking cycle, we partnered with Plan International Canada, a global organization dedicated to advancing childrens’ rights and creating equality for girls. We donate 10% of our profits to their projects. 

Recently, we got a glimpse of the important change our Yellow Beauty community has helped create.

Meet Keya 

Keya is a 17 year old girl from Bangladesh. With access to Plan International funded peer groups, she has learned more about her rights and the problem with gender roles. 

Inspired by conversations with peers and teachers, Keya decided to pursue a new hobby: karate. The activity continues to be a reminder that she is free to forge her own path. 

Support Something Bigger November 25th-29th

This Black Friday, you can choose to support a brand with a higher goal. Every discounted item you purchase, whether for yourself or a loved one, brings us closer to creating a brighter future for girls like Keya. 

Plus, each year, Black Friday discounts create tons of waste that pollutes our planet. But, our products are natural and cruelty-free, and our packaging is recyclable. Guilt-free skincare is right here.

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